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Healthcare collections are unique in that it is rarely a debt that the consumer/patient chose to incur and more often is a debt of necessity. While the Affordable Care Act may have decreased the number of uninsured, it has also had the effect of increasing the out-of-pocket liability for many patients. At Allegiant we are experienced in the delicate nature of this type of debt and the intricacies in collecting them. Our staff are trained in HIPAA compliance as well as compassionate collection techniques to evaluate and effect the collection of each assigned claim.

Whether you are a single physician private practice, a large multi-location physician group, technical component provider, ER Group, Urgent Care, Hospital or anything in between, we are here for you and have a solution for your accounts receivable needs.

Our ownership team has more than 30 years direct employment experience in healthcare provider administration and practice management in a variety of specialties. This hands on experience allows us to be uniquely aware of the challenges facing todays providers and the best practice solutions to overcome them and improve their revenue cycle.