Traditional Contingent Fee Collections
Allegiant provides all of its traditional collection services on a strictly contingent fee basis. In other words, we only retain (or are paid) a portion of whatever is collected on an account after assignment. You pay nothing unless the debt is collected. Our fee structure is competitive within the industry and varies by client and business volume and type.

Pre-Collection Early Out Programs
Allegiant offers a variety of pre-collection and early out programs custom tailored to fit each client's needs. From basic letter series service to live agent involvement, we will work with you to develop a cost effective and efficient system to enhance your internal collection efforts and help determine which accounts may require more traditional agency involvement.

Web Access
All of our clients are offered real-time web access to all of their assigned accounts. We offer customized web-based reports, web based account placement, update, payment reporting and cancellation.

Consumers may also make payments to their assigned accounts on line as well via a secured web portal.

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