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Reliable Asset Recovery of Delinquent Accounts Specializing in the Health Care, Property Management and Health/Fitness Club Industries

ALLEGIANT Receivables Solutions, Inc. / Alpine Credit, Inc., offers asset recovery services for a variety of industries including doctors, hospitals, health care providers, and property management groups attempting to collect on delinquent accounts.

Traditional Contingent Fee Collections

ALLEGIANT provides all of its traditional collection services on a strictly contingent fee basis. In other words, we only retain a portion of whatever is collected on an account after assignment. You pay nothing unless the debt is collected. Best of all, our fee structure is competitive within the industry and varies by client and business volume and the type.

Pre-Collections/Early Out Programs

ALLEGIANT offers a variety of pre-collection and early out programs custom tailored to fit each client's need. From basic letter series service to live agent involvement, we will work with you to develop a cost effective and efficient system to enhance your internal collection efforts and help determine which accounts may require more traditional agency involvement.
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Healthcare collections are unique in that it is rarely a debt that the consumer/patient chose to incur and more often is a debt of necessity. While the Affordable Care Act may have decreased the number of uninsured, it has also had the effect of increasing the out of pocket liability for many patients. At Allegiant we are experienced in the delicate nature of this type of debt and the intricacies in collecting them. Our staff are trained in HIPAA compliance as well as compasionate collection techniques to evaluate and effect the collection of each assigned claim.

Property Management

While many agencies shy away from this sort of debt and leave them to hybrid law firm/collection agencies, we at ALLEGIANT seek out these business opportunities. Property management accounts are typically disputed at least in part by the consumer and are often times assigned without a valid current address for the former tenant. We believe that our collection style is a perfect fit for both multi-family and single-family property management debts.

Health and Fitness Clubs

As with most membership club type debts, health and fitness club accounts present their own unique challenges. Unlike a fee for a service industry, the membership clubs often are subject to various specific industry regulations that vary from state to state. This may have a restrictive or mitigating effect on our ability to enforce claims. In addition, this industry is greatly restricted in its ability to report delinquent accounts to the three national credit bureaus.

Our Unique Approach

At ALLEGIANT, we believe that our experience, techniques, and overall collection philosophy are a perfect match for these types of debts. Our dedicated, hands-on, live agent approach to each claim is essential in locating the consumer and then working with them to reach a satisfactory resolution.
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